R: 14.0 in."; $production="25 total"; $curbweight="2,640 lb."; $wghtdist="42/58"; $tires="235/35 YR19 / 335/30 YR20"; $steering="Rack & Pinion"; $fwheels="19 x 9 in."; $rwheels="20 x 12.5 in."; /*Engine*/ $engcfg="V-8"; $valves="Not Available"; $power="1046 bhp @ 6950 rpm"; $torque="821 lb-ft @ 6200 rpm"; $redline="7200 rpm"; $dsplcmnt="387.2 cu. in."; $bore="4.125 in."; $stroke="3.620 in."; $hpliter="Not Available"; $cmpratio="8.975:1"; /*Transmission*/ $trntype="6-speed Manual"; $gears="3.82:1, 2.15:1, 1.56:1, 1.212:1, 0.973:1, 0.656:1"; $final="3.44:1"; /*Performance*/ $speed="up to 273 mph / 439.4 km/h"; $latgs="1.03 g"; $epa="18 / 27"; $sixty="Not Available"; $hundred="Not Available"; $quarter="Not Available"; $zeroloozero="Not Available"; $stopping="103 feet from 60 mph"; $dragcd="0.357"; $slalom="Not Available"; /*Dimensions*/ $wheelbase="105.2 in. / 2672 mm"; $ftrack="Not Available"; $rtrack="Not Available"; $length="176.2 in. / 4475 mm"; $width="82.7 in. / 2101 mm"; $height="43 in. / 1092 mm"; /*Story*/ $headline="SSC Ultimate Aero: Fastest American Supercar?"; $story="

The SSC Ultimate Aero may be the fastest American supercar. Shelby Super Cars claims that per Langley wind tunnel calculations the Ultimate Aero should reach speeds from 260 to 273 mph. SSC plans a limited run of 25."; $source="Shelby Super Cars"; include("../../information.php"); ?>